Art as Civic Action

Submmited by Andreia Ribeiro on Thursday, 30 October 2014

Between 6th and 13th of October, 27 artists from Germany, Serbia, Moldova, Greece, and Ukraine came to Berlin to participate in the training course "Art as Civic Action". The week started with a "urban art quest", that allowed the newcomers to get to know better not only Berlin, but also the street art scene. During this week, that culminated with an art exhibition, the artists had the opportunity to participate in workshops on art and politics and creative campaigning, facilitated by experts on the subject. These workshops were the perfect base to foment group discussions about culture, art and politics. This interaction created the appropriate mindset to form the intercultural groups that worked together to develop and implement public art interventions in Berlin. These working groups produced the art installations that were later in the week exhibited in different streets of Berlin and at Agora, the exhibition venue. Finally, there was the  evaluation of the various aspects of the work developed during this week, in order to give both the participants and the team an opportunity to think, reflect and proccess all the experiences lived during this workshop.

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