CfP: How we shape our past

Submmited by Maria Nehme on Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Citizens of Europe e.V. In cooperation with Vuste Envis, Informal Education Initiatives and Foundation for Democratic Youth invite you to take part in the fifth and last event of the „How we shape our past” project. It will take place in the historically recognized city of Weimar, from August 31th until September 3rd, 2012.

Trough our previous activities, we have visited and analyzed historical sites and monuments in Berlin, Budapest, Vilnius and Prague. We have discussed the historiography of the Fascist and Stalinist periods with the experts in the field and eyewitnesses and also interviewed local citizens.

After taking part in all four of the events we will meet in Weimar to have an open discussion and thorough excavation of our thoughts and findings. We will present, compare and contrast our finding from the different countries and draw conclusions on what we believe are the most effective ways to remember the past and how history affects the present and the future of a nation. The seminar will serve as a foundation and starting point for future activities. Additionally, we will visit the Buchenwald Memorial.

Interested applicants should send their application form and curriculum vitae to

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