The Digital Age – are protests still protests or has something changed?

#GetUpStandUp Seminar in Berlin
Submmited by Citizens of Europe Team on Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Join us for our #GetUpStandUp seminar in Berlin!

When: August 17, from 10.30 to 16.15

Where: Kiefholzstraße 2, Berlin 

Are online protests effective? Is liking a protest page on Facebook a form of protest or is more action required? What social and political impacts do modern protests have?

We will discuss past and present types of protest, with a special emphasis on the meaning of protest and online protests.

Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided, as will a certificate of attendance at the end of the seminar. 

Afterwards, join us on the terrace for some drinks and snacks!

The deadline to apply is August 16. Please write an short message to

Overview of Program

10.30-11.00: Introduction

11.00-12.15: Discussion: What is activism? What types of activism are there?

12.15-12.30: Coffee break

12.30-13.30: Discussion: Compare modern and 20th centruy movements, with special focus on the movement of 1968 and #FridaysForFuture 

13.30-14.30: Lunch break

14.30-15.30: Discussion: What political and social effects did the protests discussed have?

15.30-15.45: Coffee break

15.45-16.15: Conclusion, feedback, next steps and future cooperation

16.15-Open end: Drinks and snacks on the rooftop terrace


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