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Help others and impove your personal skills
Submmited by Halyna Osadcha on Tuesday, 22 August 2017
Hospice Angelus is looking for a motivated person from Germany to contribute to every-day work at the hospice either at medical or PR department. It is your way to help other people and get a valuable experience of compassion and understanding.

DEADLINE: 1st of September
LOCATION: Chisinau, Moldova
DURATION: 1 year
START DATE: Winter 2017 (date negotiable)

About the organisation:
Hospice Angelus is a charity hospital founded on 2001. It offers palliative care for people who are diagnosed with almost incurable diseases. Angelus works in four departments where three of them are for medical use and one for coordinating and fund-raising. Angelus is working towards transparency in their economy and management and is already well known in Moldova. It gets financial support from government, donators who Angelus reaches in events and also some medical equipment are sent from Europe. Clients of Angelus are mostly people who can’t get medically treated otherwise. They don’t have money or they are not able to visit a doctor. This is why Angelus also organizes mobile medical teams to visit their clients. The hospital is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm but the mobile teams work also in the evenings and weekends.

There are many people working in Angelus hospital both paid and volunteered. Most of the volunteers are local. The staff speaks mainly Romanian but English is spoken especially in the fund-raising office. The director is a multilanguage-speaker.

Clients of Hospice Angelus are people who can’t get medically treated otherwise. They are from all generations and may suffer some physical diseases, cancer or HIV. Angelus doesn’t have psychological counseling.

Volunteers have two options for their tasks. They can work in medical departments where they need to have a diploma of medical studies or in fund- raising department in promoting. Volunteer should be able to speak good English and in fund-raising department IT and craft skills come in need. Romanian is not mandatory. Working with promoting is mainly looking for information, designing brochures and organizing events like quiz nights and the annual charity ball.

About ADVIT – Contact Point
ADVIT is the Contact Point Organization that coordinates volunteers in different Hosting Organizations. During the volunteer’s stay in Moldova, ADVIT takes care of the administrational tasks connected to living abroad and helps with many specific or unforeseen situations. ADVIT will take care of the following aspects for the volunteer stay: accommodation in a host family or a volunteer’s flat with shared kitchen, toilet and bathroom, where each volunteer will have his/ her own room; pocket money; food money; transport money; language lessons, mentor; meeting the volunteer at the airport; on-arrival meeting; communication with sending and hosting organizations; any issue that the volunteer has to deal during his/her stay abroad, temporary residence permit matters.

About the city - Chisinau
The Association office is based in the capital city of the Republic of Moldova. Chisinau is Moldova's main industrial and commercial center, and is located in the center of the country. In the center of the city there are based all-important administrative and political institutions (the Parliament, Government, etc.), The population of Chisinau municipality counts around 800 000 inhabitants. Though the country’s official language is Romanian, Russian is also omnipresent, due to the fact that Moldova used to be part of the former Soviet Union. With a basic knowledge in either Romanian or Russian, it’s possible to get along quite well. Contrary to the relatively poor rural area and despite the partly still visible Soviet past, Chisinau gives you the feel of living in a decent city with everything needed and appreciated in daily life: You’ll find modern supermarkets and malls, cafes, bars, restaurants, discos and parks. Furthermore, the public transport works very well.

Send your CV and a short motivation letter describing your involvement with vulnerable groups to ADVIT Moldova: advit_ewb@yahoo.com.
For more information please contact ADVIT Moldova as well: advit_ewb@yahoo.com
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