Berlin 2012

Berlin : 19/08/2012 to 27/08/2012

We still can accept two participants from Germany! Hurry up!

Youth unemployment is a growing threat. What role can creativity play in tackling it? How can youth workers use it? Deepen your understanding of creativity, face your creativity barriers, reflect on the new role of youth workers!

We address youth workers, who are not working directly on employability as their main topic, but who are sharing with youngsters part of their time and who are willing to keep in mind the issue of employability when organizing activities and projects, as well as when defining learning objectives.

We want to look at creativity’s potential as a tool and approach for youth workers and how it can foster employability.
Employability in this sense is not ?getting the job?, but rather a self development and empowerment process, that might culminate in creating one’s own job, being fit for the labour market, or anything in between…

Main Aims: 
- To tackle youth unemployment through creativity;

- To promote a reflection on the new role of youth workers. 

Cost and reimbursement: 70 % of travel cost will be re-imbursed
Participation fee: 40-80 Euros Trainers: Rui Montez, Slawomir Muziol and Virginia Bertelli

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