OF1 - Berlin

Berlin : 25/01/2008 to 27/01/2012

Expanding Citizenship in an age of Migration?


Taking the Neukölln district of Berlin as example that figures unluckily but prominently as a nation-wide known problem area of integration, we explored the essentials of civic engagement between a desired maximum of tolerance and a required minimum of social cohesion. Our co-operation partner NeuköllnPlus (N+) is a local initiative that strives to create anatmosphere of social responsibility. We, in contrast, are a European network that aims to contribute to the development of European civil society.Together we were particularly interested in finding out which fundamental values foster mutual respect in the face of high cultural and ethnic diversity and which factors enable social responsibility in a group of people of different backgrounds. Read the report by Ana Maria Suciu.

Film presentation: What does Europe stand for?

Europe is being watched from many different points of view , by many different kinds of people. They all are using the terms "Europe" respectively "European", but what do they mean? Many people have images, thoughts, ideals, critics and opinions on what the term "Europe" means and what it is for them.To give these diffuse pictures frame and shape Citizens of Europe established the MyEurope programme. The films of the MyEurope film contest were shown during a Europe-wide Film Festival at several places across the continent in order to promote discussion about different views and visions on " Europe " and to establish a piece of European public. The 2007 round of the project was closed during our OpenForum Berlin with announcing the winners of the Audiance Award . Films presented:

  • Good Luck Nedim by Marko Šantić, 13 min. Sometimes European visa procedures are simply nonsense...
  • Vögel ohne Beine (Birds without legs) by Burhan Qurbani, 36,30 min. Berlin has a Turkish minority of about 140 000 people. Director Burhan Quarbani tells about the life of a family of this largest group of immigrants.
  • Chinese Take Away by Felix Binder, 11,20 min. A young woman safes the life of a Chinese cook. But she could not imagine his way of saying thank you...
  • West-Berlin by Daniel Erb und Patrik Metzger, 3,40 min. A divided city from a completely new perspective.
  • The last farm by Runar Runarsson, 17 min. An old man at his completely lonesome farm in Iceland. But today everything is different...
  • Land Gewinnen (Gaining Ground) by Marc Brummund, 20,30 min. Story of a family living in Germany illegally.

See the website of MyEurope.

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