OF 2 - Vilnius

Promoting Citizenship by Education?
Vilnius : 14/03/2008 to 16/03/2008
During the second OpenForum of our circle “Challenges to Citizenship in Europe”, we explore the limits and possibilities of convincing young people of living up to paramount liberties under the corrupting conditions of oppressive regimes. Is it actually possible to teach citizenship, or at least its foundations? Or is it the example of persons of full moral integrity jointly defending their personal freedom representatively for all others that makes the difference?On 14 - 16 March 2008, we were hosted by the European Humanities University (EHU), a “University in Exile” founded in Minsk/Belarus in 1992 to build a productive dialogue with Europe and the world in order to overcome the intellectual enclosure of Belarus. It was closed down by the authorities in Minsk in 2004 because of its links to European colleagues and the active participation in the Bologna Process, and is currently harboured on EU grounds in Vilnius/Lithuania.


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