OF3 - Września

Defending Citizenship against populism and intolerance
Września : 18/04/2008 to 20/04/2008

This time we joined forces with a Polish organization whose broad field of action includes the integration of differently enabled people as well as free time activities for young Polish from the countryside and international encounters. Our partner Wielkopolskie Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich in Białężyce touches upon the impact of populism and intolerance in contemporary societies as they operate in a country with a recent experience of stereotypical and demagogic movements much criticized in the European context. Inside the debate in Wrzesnia Focusing on this real example we had a common ground from where to exchange our points of view. What is the link between populism and intolerance? What position does civic action take in this context? Whenever confronted with populist movements or intolerant and discriminatory grass-root networks we ask ourselves whether and how we should explore potential ways to distinguish “constructive” from “destructive” civic positions and activities. Exploring these differences together through debate was the main objective of this OpenForum.

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