OF5 - Prague

Values in Europe - Ideas and Realities
Prague : 19/09/2008 to 21/09/2008

In the OpenForum Prague 22 participants from 10 European countries (Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Portugal) sat around the same table to discuss if and how Europe can be seen as a community of values. The group was quite diverse with regard to geographic origin, personal background, profession and age. The debate was steered by the individual contributions and exchange of the participants, not by political presentations. On Sunday morning the group went on a walk to the Hradčany Gardens (in the picture), where they publicly presented symbols of their personal European Value.

Watch selected participants' perspectives on European values: Aleksandar, Anton, Frank, Gert, Nikoletta, Olivier, Othmar, Ulf and Viktoryia give a presentation quite unusual for a sunny Sunday morning in the Hradčany castle gardens.




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