Promoting Citizenship

What is it all about?
Berlin : 18/03/2013 to 24/03/2013

The concept of (european/active) citizenship is `polysemic and contested'. In other words, it has multiple contexts and meanings and leads to discussion. 

The seminar 'Promoting Citizenship, but what is it all about?' will take place in September 2012 in Berlin involving 24 youth workers and youth leaders active in the field of (european/active) citizenship education. The participants and promoters will come from EU member states and Neighbouring Partner Countries of the Eastern Partnership.
The aims are:
1) the intensive content analysis of the concept of (european/active) citizenship.
2) the development of tools for (democratic/active) citizenship education with the focus on non-formal settings.
3) The further networking of one existing group with the aim to develop concrete and feasible ideas regarding the promotion and building of (european/active) citizenship through youth work projects.   
Particular importance will have the meeting with the politicians and experts. After the participants have analysed the subject by themselves and exchanged their own understandings and notions, they will have a chance to present their views, and to receive feedback and futher inspiration.

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