TCTU 2009

Berlin : 16/08/2009 to 22/08/2009

The Training Course on Transcultural Understanding took place in Berlin, 16-22.08.09.

7 promoters from 6 countries - Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey - gathered 24 participants, who shared their experiences on Intercultural learning and debated the utility of the Transculturality concept through interactive and participatory methodologies.

Our partner Friedenskreis Halle e.V. is one of the strongest playing actors in the field in Germany. Its workgroup Transkulturelle Kompetenz – eine aktuelle SchlÃŒsselqualifikation supported the realization of this activity.

Being transnationality one of the core stones of Citizens of Europe worldview, it was very interesting to explore possible ways of promoting a learning process based on extended concepts of identity that focus beyond nationality and ethnicity. Exploring new frames for cultural clustering seemed very interesting, although the task was not easy.

Intercultural learning is a complex issue and shall not be reduced to an inter-national, inter-ethnic or inter-religious approach. Participants had occasions to develop their views and opinions on diverse approaches to life, education, interpersonal behaviours and topics relevant to the TC that are influenced either by cultural or individual differences.

The TC can be better described through hot debates among participants, on such topics as definitions of culture, political dimension of transculturality and the need for the concept for a successful intercultural work.

Did you know that the Sour cabbage or Sauerkrautis named in different ways – from chucrut to zuurkool – and it can be found in diets in different countries, from Slovakia to Chile, or from Bulgaria to Latvia?…

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