Berlin 2008

Berlin : 01/03/2008 to 09/03/2008

Training for Europe : ACTIVacting Youth! Training for Trainers in non-formal learning for Civic Participation will take place in Berlin from the 2nd to the 8th of March 2008. Participants will arrive on the 1st and departure date is set for the 9th of March. This Training Seminar is part of a joint-project by 6 organizations from 6 European Countries, which share a concern related to the lack of civic awareness and participation throughout Europe.

These 6 partner organizations are willing to develop a common learning programme related to empowering civic participation awareness among youngsters. This shall be commonly created during the Training Seminar and simultaneously developed at local level after it.

All activities included in the project are designed in an experience sharing oriented way, in order to ensure the participation of partners in all stages of the project. This begins with the Preparatory Activities, which include discussions and research on the theme of the project through electronic communication. For this purpose a mailing list to facilitate the communication among all partner organizations was created. After the selection of the participants a similar mailing list for participants will also be set up.

The aim of the Training Seminar is to train trainers that work closely with young people, for example in schools, on how to use non-formal learning in formal settings, how to teach young people issues related European active citizenship and to develop the youngsters' creativity in order to empower their civic participation and responsibility, solidarity, European citizenship and also the critical and creative thinking about their role as part of the present and the future of Europe.

The topics to develop include Team building, Civic Duties, Human rights, Freedom of opinion and speech, Intercultural communication and Mutual intercultural respect, Civic responsibilities, Social cohesion and solidarity.

Simultaneously, the Training Seminar will also strengthen the cooperation among the partner Organizations and the participants which will allow a continuous networking and experience sharing.

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