Published by Kamala Hamilton... on Monday, 27 August 2007
by Rainer Bauböck Current citizenship laws in the European Union vary dramatically. The tension between freedom of movement and national self-determination of citizenship has the potential to create serious conflicts. Taking European citizenship seriously means a shared understanding of who the future citizens of Europe are to be. What we can learn from this brief survey of citizenship policies in the European Union is that these are increasingly contested in domestic politics and may become... Read more
Published by Kamala Hamilton... on Wednesday, 4 April 2007
<h3>Arrival</h3> My journey to Azerbaijan began in Stockholm, Sweden, a world away from my Central Asian destination. With a transit in Moscow, I felt myself leaving the familiar haven of Europe and on boarding the flight to Baku the realisation of where I was going finally set in. At Baku International Airport, two Azeris from the local youth organisation came to pick us up. My first experience in Azerbaijan was driving in a Lada at 150km an hour on a fog-covered road at 5 am in... Read more
Published by Kamala Hamilton... on Friday, 9 June 2006
The European Citizens’ initiative (ECI) would require the European Commission to respond to a proposed change in European law signed by at least one million EU citizens. This would enable European citizens and civil society organizations to directly influence the political agenda of the EU for the first time in history.   The idea of this campaign is to collect one million signatures of people from all over the European Union demanding the introduction of the ECI by the EU.   At the moment... Read more
Published by Kamala Hamilton... on Sunday, 28 May 2006
Shooting Europe 2 – that were 4 days, 41 films from 18 European countries, 40 international participants and more than 150 people in the audience, 8 hours of workshops, 15 hours of films in three categories Cultural Differences, Human Rights and My Europe, 1 big gala and 3 winners, choosen by five jury members Natalie Gravenor, Josef K. Jünger, Thomas Kühnl, Florian Lampersberger and Thomas Schaurer. And the Citizens of Europe were part of it. As a co-organiser and partner of the two main... Read more