Published by Will Clark on Tuesday, 20 January 2015
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Citizens of Europe is putting together a project for musical development and collaboration, and we're looking for partner organisations! Title: Future Folk Date: August, 2015 Venue: Berlin, Germany Project Summary: Our aim is to bring together young musicians from a range of European countries, who will share the respective folk traditions of their countries with each other. Participants will collaborate cross-culturally, to produce a collection of tracks, each reinterpreting these folk... Read more
Published by Andreia Ribeiro on Tuesday, 16 December 2014
My Europe Film Festival is ready to launch its 2015 Call for Entries. Citizens of Europe invites you to apply and participate  in this short film contest, which brings screenings to several cities and countries in 2015.   The concept of “Europe” goes far beyond its geographical connotation. When thinking about Europe, we have to take in consideration a wide range of points of view, representations and opinions in order to understand what the concept conveys. With this in mind, Citizens of... Read more
Published by Avril Meehan on Thursday, 13 November 2014
The focal point of the training course ‘Art as Civic Action’ was the creation and implementation of socio-political art pieces. The artists who attended the training course worked in 5 intercultural working groups to design and implement art pieces related to a current pan-European issue, which were installed in different places in Berlin. By doing so, they aimed to make the public aware of European issues by providing focal points through the city to explore issues, mobilise new players and... Read more
Published by Andreia Ribeiro on Thursday, 6 November 2014
Every year, Citizens of Europe sends volunteers all over Europe to take part in the EVS scheme. We interviewed Benjamin Hausner, who spent 10 months in Belarus on his EVS placement. Here is his account.   Tell us a bit about your hosting organisation and what your EVS project involved. My hosting organisation was Fialta, an educational organisation and one of the few NGOs in Belarus. Their main aim is to bring together young people and to encourage them to be active and with this goal they... Read more
Published by Andreia Ribeiro on Thursday, 30 October 2014
Between 6th and 13th of October, 27 artists from Germany, Serbia, Moldova, Greece, and Ukraine came to Berlin to participate in the training course "Art as Civic Action". The week started with a "urban art quest", that allowed the newcomers to get to know better not only Berlin, but also the street art scene. During this week, that culminated with an art exhibition, the artists had the opportunity to participate in workshops on art and politics and creative campaigning, facilitated by experts... Read more