Published by Will Clark on Wednesday, 13 August 2014
Walls are frontiers set in stone. Built to last forever. Forever? Not in 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down – in one night only. The fall of the Berlin wall was an important step towards German reunification, but also towards European integration. To commemorate the event, the German Representation of the European Commission, the Information Office of the European Parliament in Berlin and European Movement Germany are initiating a debate on the past, present and future of Europe, which will... Read more
Published by Will Clark on Friday, 8 August 2014
Citizens warmly invites you to join us for a video and discussion evening on Wednesday 13th August, when we shall restart our documentary evenings. We'll begin with the issue of independence. We'll be watching a documentary discussing the independence movements in Scotland, Catalonia, and Quebec. Scotland will be holding a referendum on independence later this year, the result of which the UK government will apparently accept. Quebec technically has this option too. Catalonia is planning a... Read more
Published by Mattias Desac on Thursday, 17 July 2014
Citizens of Europe together with parner organisations from Belgium, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom are looking for participants for this seminar about self-directed learning and learning to learn. In the last 5 years Learning to Learn(L2L) and Self-Directed Learning(SDL) became well-known concepts in the Youth in Action programme. In some training courses (like the Training of Trainers, TALE and many others) SDL/L2L became the leading... Read more
Published by Mattias Desac on Tuesday, 15 July 2014
The “CHOOSE*2” pedagogical outcomes is one of the results of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project “Choose*2: Choose your learning, choose your life” promoted by 4 organisations: • Work in Progress (Italy), • PameAmbro (Italy), • Citizens of Europe e V. (Germany) , • Rökstólar Samvinnumiđstöđ (Iceland) The focus of our work within this 2-year project was on the educational approach SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING (which has been around for a while, although under different names). Not surprisingly... Read more
Published by Mattias Desac on Tuesday, 1 July 2014
Citizens warmly invites you to join us for a barbecue and film evening this Sunday! The theme for the evening will be self-directed learning and there will be several people who works with education who will come together. The project has been going on for two years, thanks to the EU program Grundtvig and the exchange has been between friends and colleagues from Italy and Iceland. On the final meeting of the project, anyone who is interested in the topic is welcome to join! Together we will... Read more