AIDGLOBAL - Action and Integration for Global Development, is a Non Governmental Organization that educates for a more just and sustainable world. Through its educational development programs and projects, AIDGLOBAL provides sustainable solutions and creates opportunities for the underprivileged from Communities of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLC), andpromotes a global citizenship by engaging and educating people about Global Development issues in Portugal. The organization is characterized by its open and dynamic work environment, and is supported by private individual sponsors, private institutions and governmental institutions.

Vision: AIDGLOBAL believes in a world where all human beings are agents for sustainable development, who work together, guarantee dignity, respect Human Rights, and equally share resources.

Mission: AIDGLOBAL´s mission is to promote different forms of action and integration in the areas of Development Cooperation, Education for Development and Volunteering, for the well-being of our target populations and the promotion of a global citizenship that is equal and inclusive. AIDGLOBAL operates in Portugal and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), especially in Mozambique where it has a delegation since 2009

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