Associazione Pame Ambro

Pame Ambro takes its name from the Greek-Calabrian language meaning literally ‘Going Forward’. The language derives from the ancient Greek as it was once widely spoken in the very south of Italy, in the region of Aspromonte in Calabria. In this very region the association has been founded by three ´immigrants´ (Paola Bortini, Paul Kloosterman, Peter Hofmann).

Inspired by the richness of the local culture in the search for connections through confrontation between new and old, local and global, we and them, individual and community Pame Ambro aims to bring people together from all over to help them to ‘go forward’ by:

Raising peoples’ awareness about the link between their life and their every day actions and the global community

Empowering people to use their creativity and potential to contribute to the well-being of their community

Supporting people to understand what Human Rights do for them and what they can do for Human Rights

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