A group of active young people, volunteers, youth workers and trainers.


Our values: Love, care, cooperation and synergy (when the whole is more than the sum of the parts) Our mission: To inspire, empower and support youth in successfully taking responsibility in their lives and the lives of their communities.

Target group:

• Youth active in their own surroundings, in any form – both formal and informal, spontaneous ways.

• Peer educators, volunteers, youth and student council members and leaders

• less opportunity youth (unemployed, facing social, geographical, ethnic, religious and health problems, fallen out of the school-system, attending alternative education systems)

• Those who work with youth: teachers, classteachers, free-time organisers, youth workers, community workers, social workers, trainers, youth leaders, mentors, coaches


Our activity is focused on the non-formal personal development of youth and young adults, in Hungarian and international context. We organise youth exchanges, voluntary service programs, trainings for youth leaders and peer educators, summer camps and thematic wekends, as well as support volunteering which serves learning and personal development.

Partner type: