Friedenskreis Halle

The experience of the peaceful revolution in 1989 awakened many people in the hope that a society without violence, a Germany without a military and a world without wars may be possible. These objectives resulted in 1990 in Halle people from various citizens' initiatives for peace circle together and were the basis for the association, founded in 1991. Our commitment today is at peace policy, peace and peace education services is determined by a dynamic understanding of peace: peace as a state we do not understand, not as a distant goal, and not merely the absence of war. Peace is a way for us to be a partnership, equitable and non-violent coexistence in diversity, making the development and individual freedom are possible. Are the basic topics and guide our work: active nonviolence, civil and constructive conflict resolution, democracy in action, cross-cultural diversity and global justice. Our work is supported by full-time and voluntary staff and the support of private donors and public funding.

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