IPAS is a group of young people from Germany studying in Landau. "Ipas" is short for "Integratives Projekt ausländischer Studierender in Landau" ("Integrative project for foreign students at the University of Landau"). It was founded in 2002 as a project by students, for students from all over the world. Most of us have also been to other countries and know how difficult it can be to get involved in the life there. That is why we want to make a little contribution by helping you to get organized and integrated more easily and by creating a space where you can get to know Landau, the University and of course the life and people here.

Our Goals:

To support the international students through a mentor program which helps them organize university matters and everyday life

To create a space in which German and international students can meet and get to know each other

To give the international students opportunities to explore Landau, its surroundings and other parts of Germany


What we offer:

A mentor-program for the international students


Diverse activities:

Hiking and sports in the „Palatinate Forest“

International Evenings

Wine tasting, barbecues and welcome-parties

Trips around Landau and to cities and nice places in Germany

Intercultural workshops, such as an orientation workshop at the beginning of the semester

Visiting local cultural events etc.


Partner type: