Peaceworks Sweden

PeaceWorks Sweden is a non-profit peace organisation run by youth, for youth. PeaceWorks offers you the chance to volunteer abroad and provides you with the tools you need to run a peace project of your own. Through PeaceWorks you can participate in your way, on your terms!

Our vision
PeaceWorks Sweden’s vision is a sustainable world in peace, where young people are active citizens and society is characterised by peace and sustainable development, global justice and solidarity, above and beyond national, cultural, social and economic borders.

Our strategy
PeaceWorks Sweden is a platform for young peoples’ involvement in and commitment to peace and sustainable development. By running volunteer exchanges and peace projects, meeting places and practical tools are created, providing the conditions for young people to participate in, effect and create understanding for local and global contexts, on their own terms.

Our principles
1. Not for profit
PeaceWorks Sweden is run by voluntary engagement without profit-making interests

2. By young people, for young people, with young people
PeaceWorks Sweden is run by its members

3. Democratic
PeaceWorks Sweden is run on the basis of openness for all and on the basis of all members’ participation and influence

4. Equality
PeaceWorks Sweden’s activities are based on the assumption that all people are equal

5. Solidarity
The programmes and activities of PeaceWorks Sweden are based on the idea of mutuality and exchanges between people

6. Sustainable development
PeaceWorks Sweden is based on an integrated view on peace and sustainable development; the environment, global justice, intercultural learning, non-violence, locally as well as globally – are all connected to peace work.

7. All are needed
PeaceWorks Sweden recognises that all are needed and can make a difference in their own way to create a world in peace.

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