Our ACTIVacting! project promotes non-formal learning for civic participation.

The aims are:

  • to learn about, develop and teach non-formal learning methodologies in the field of civic participation;
  • to build a pool of experienced trainers who apply and continuously improve the methodologies developed;
  • to strengthen the cooperation among partner organisations involved and participants.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Team building
  • civic duties
  • human rights
  • freedom of opinion and speech
  • intercultural communication and mutual intercultural respect
  • civic responsibilities
  • social cohesion and solidarity.

Sub Project(s):



Berlin - 16/02/2014 : Discover your potential! : A training course on creativity and youth work
Berlin - 08/12/2012 : ACTIVacting the E-Factor : Empowering education for European employability and entrepreneurship