My Europe 2011

My Europe 2011 was screened from 25. November to 02. December 2011 across Europe. It brought productions made by European filmmakers and dealing with European issues to screen.

Among our local partners, there were cinemas, universities, youth organisations and national cultural agencies. The aim is to bring European films, dealing with European issues to a truly European audience. Wee believed that a Europe without boarders is an opportunity for exchange, sharing and inspiring but also a challenge for defending identities and cultures. To discover the European bound we called in 2011 for an explorer, a story teller, a film maker. My Europe 10 describes a traveling experience, a cross-over through European dimensions, understandings and perspectives.

Sub Project(s):



Berlin - 16/12/2011 : Berlin Screening : Politics and policies
Berlin - 14/12/2011 : Berlin Screening : Living in Europe


The Piano by Levon Minasian