My Europe 2013/14

Living in Europe



My circumcision | 17 min | Germany | by Arne Ahrens

Nine-year-old Ümit doesn’t want to go to Turkey haunted by the thought of this upcoming circumcision. A short story about childhood, coming of age and exceptional friendship.


A Mongolian girl with a bag full of happiness |23 min | Germany | by Tatjana Kleut

A young Mongolian Woman who came to East Germany, and experienced the hopelessness and high unemployment rate of a small town in Brandenburg with her mom.



Straight with you |19 min | Netherlands | by Luuk van Stegeren

Though only 11 years old, Melvin has already become comfortable enough in his sexuality to come out to his parents and his best friend. Now he must decide how to handle with delicacy a schoolgirl's crush on him.


Touch of silence | 6 min | Germany | by Sven Phillip Pohl

Deaf Severin is diving through the night: the pulse of the bass, the surging heat of the dancers, a beautiful girl. But she doesn´t get his sign language.



Happy Hour |10 min | Finland | by Sakari Niittymaa

A lovely short film about a country with a certain drinking problem…


Amel |23 min | Kosovo |by More Raca

A woman´s destiny between east and west.


Politics and Policies


Punched | 11 min |Austria |by Michael Rittmannsberger

After being checked by the police, a young father of Arabic origin fails to explain the situation to his son – unaware that the most inexplicable happenings are yet to come…



The Phallometer | 6 min |Germany | by Tor Iben

A refugee is captured by border guards on the Czech border crossing. During the interrogation he admits that he is gay and thereby is subjected to an absurd entry examination...


45 Degrees |15 min |Greece |by Georgis Grigorikas

Athens, August. 45 degrees. The fridge is empty. The situation is very complicated. The crisis has changed a father's attitude. A city on the verge of collapse.


Flying Pike | 17 min |Germany | by Antoine Dengler

Max is hungry for success. His boss Julius wants to support him, but he thinks that he is just trying to keep him from being succesfull ...


Protestation IV | 17 min | Switzerland | by Rolando Colla

The shortfilm tells the story of a deportation happened in march 2010, which ended with the tragical death of a requerent of asylum.


Merfolk | 3 min |UK by Rory Waudby-Tolley

After ten years in the UK, an elderly couple of merfolk refugees discuss the society, and how they have adapted to their new life.



Kolona |22 min | Kosovo | by Ujkan Hysaj

A family fleeing Kosovo in 1999 are stopped at a Serbian refugee checkpoint, where they are forced to make a terrible life or death decision.


Zanta Clauz | 15 min | France | by Walid Mattar

Getting by with jobs on construction sites, in permanent fear of being arrested. One day Foued is offered a job where he is certain to remain invisible. 

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Meine Beschneidung
Das Phallometer
Happy Hour