Open Fora

OpenFora are weekend debates in various locations in Europe. They setup spaces where European diversity and citizenship can be experienced in practice. Their objective is to bring together interested people from all over Europe – regardless of their age, social or professional background – in order to exchange views and experience on topics related to current social and political life in Europe.

Each event combines different forms of informal learning. We allocate a mixture of workshop rounds and mix it with introductory sessions, group work, public expert panel discussions and activist contentions as well as cultural activities. Follow-up teams take care of disseminating results into related contexts.

Everyone willing to actively engage in an intensive and sophisticated debate characterized by low hierarchies is welcome to an OpenForum. All opinions are valuable and will be considered as expressions of personal perspectives. Participants are invited to present whatever experience- and knowledge-based view they have on the respective subject matter; yet they need to be prepared to see their positions questioned and should enjoy taking part in a creative process of recalibrating thought by joint reflection. Experienced moderators assist participants during the debate.



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Vilnius - 14/03/2008 : OpenForum 2 - Vilnius : Promoting Citizenship by Education?
Berlin - 25/01/2008 : OpenForum 1 - Berlin