V11 - Volunteering 2011

When it was decided that 2011 would be the European “Year of Volunteering”, Citizens of Europe immediately agreed that our network would work on this topic, too. We are people who see Europe as our task, as something shaped and developed by us as citizens. We seek an active position in our society and invest our time, effort and creativity in it. In realising this cycle of events, we invited others to join in and to cooperate with us.

Our project involved a larger number of partner initiatives than any of our projects before. We not only welcomed friends from all over Europe during events in Bruges, Budapest and Landau, but were also hosted by the whole city of Landau, welcomed by the university and many local organisations. Landau provided a unique venue for the final event, as the size of the town made it possible to “feel” the presence of the many guests at the convention. In addition, we enjoyed real cooperation with the many locally active residents. Many helped to make this joint project possible, be it by active contributions, donations or by opening their own house for foreign guests to stay for a few nights.

In this section you will find events, partners, information and documentation related to the "Volunteering 11" project.

Also have a look at the PDF file of our project documentation

Sub Project(s):



Bruges - 25/11/2010 : OpenForum 10 - Bruges : Faces and fakings of volunteering
Landau - 05/05/2011 : Landau Citizens Convention : A celebration of volunteering
Budapest - 18/02/2011 : OpenForum 11 - Budapest : Motivations for volunteering