CfP: ACTIVacting the E-Factor

Youth unemployment is one of the most relevant challenges in contemporary Europe. The international financial crisis makes the challenge more visible and problematic, especially for younger generations: unemployment is a growing threat to youngsters all over Europe. Any current public agenda includes youth unemployment as one of the biggest current challenges and main political concern.

We do not want Europe to dissolve!

"We do not want Europe to dissolve in nationalistic countries and regions. We expect our representatives and governments to honour the European values, achievements, laws, and standards elaborated in the last 60 years. We need a new form of solidarity.

It’s all our faults, really

‘What you have to understand is, it’s not their fault, its not our fault, it’s all our faults really.’ These were not the words I was expecting to hear from the 32 year old fashion editor standing, bags in hand , on a metro heading towards the center of Athens. We had stopped her to ask for directions and two minutes in we were already discussing the crisis, we were professionals.