Lazarski University Warzawa

The Lazarski University's motivation is to respond to the needs of the ever-changing world, to ensure the possibility to grow and develop at every stage of the educational and professional path.

Foundation Robert Schuman

The Robert Schuman Foundation has been established after the fall of the Berlin wall and aims to promote the construction of Europe.

Institute of Ukrainian Studies

IUS is a community united for social development and development of the society. Our activity aims at promotion of inclusiveness and tolerance - not only around Ukraine but also in EU and Eastern Partnership countries. On the first place our team members are ideological enthusiasts devoted to projects building up values.

Kremenchuk Informative-Elucidative Center "Europe Club"

Kremenchuk Informative-Elucidative Center "Europe Club" is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was founded 2008 in Ukraine's city of Kremenchuk. This organization intends to build a democratic society based on European values by means of educational, geographic and economic means.

“Agios Vlasios” Chronicle Diseases Infirmary

The “Agios Vlasios” Chronicle Diseases Infirmary was founded in Livadeia in 1985. It began providing nursing services to the community, in the same year.


ADICE aims to fight against discrimination and encourage the promotion of people with fewer opportunities in society and in the job market.

Association Calliope

Created in 1989, this association aims to promote exchanges in Europe, facilitating the emergence of a European identity.


Confederation de Centros Juveniles dom Bosco de Espana

The Confederation Don Bosco is a partnership that works with the Federations and Youth Centres in advocacy for children and youth, especially those at risk of exclusion through youth leadership and educational style of Don Bosco.