Rasmus Randig

Secretary General (2011-2012)
Board Member (since 2012)
I'm Rasmus. After having finished high school in the small German town Wolfenbüttel I moved to the big Turkish city Ankara in order to do a European Voluntary Service. Here in some situations I was or I was seen as "European" if I wanted or not. So I had to think of it... Then I moved from the middle of Anatolia to the southwest of Germany, to Tübingen where I attended a one-year interdisciplinary propaedeutic academic programme and enjoyed the experience of sharing living space with 52 other fellow students. Here it was not so self-evident at first sight to be considered or consider oneself as "European". Also interesting... Now I am about to start my undergraduate studies in Glasgow in Sociology, Psychology and History.
When I went to Ankara for my EVS Citizens of Europe acted as sending organisation. Before my departure I did an internship at the office in Berlin and attended the OpenForum in Bruges in order to get to know the people who provide my stay abroad. Then I attended another OpenForum in Budapest and the Citizens Convention in Landau. All that I could enjoy a lot and so my answer was clear when I was asked to contribute to the organization as a board member because I see in the activities of Citizens of Europe a great opportunity to spend some thoughts on the meaning of the sentence "I am European".