Published by Tobias Kunow on Monday, 18 March 2019
Citziens of Europe is together with partners from Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Italy and Poland partner in this initiative coordinated by YEU Cyprus and funded by Europe for Citizens. #GetUpStandup aims to raise awareness on remembrance, common history and human rights principles of the EU. Through remembering the historical facts of the German student movement, Prague spring, French May 1968, the Italian Movement of 1968 and the anti-dictatorship movements in Spain and Greece,... Read more
Published by Tobias Kunow on Wednesday, 26 December 2018
How can Europe become our utopia again? The bureaucrats have failed to create a common narrative that has us rallied around the European idea. The contemporary regression can´t be stopped but by the unconventional and the unprecedented. We see the arts as the predestined rapporteur for this. We want to radically change the debate on Europe. On our three-day workshop we'll create a counter-narrative to the current regressive tendencies in Europe. Freaks for Europe We feel the strong need to... Read more
Published by Paula Pop on Tuesday, 11 September 2018
Anfang Juli wurde Linn Selle zur neuen Präsidentin der Europäischen Bewegung Deutschland gewählt. Caroline Müller-Hofstede sprach für Citizens of Europe mit Ihr über die Generation Erasmus, die anstehende Europawahl und Europa in der Provinz. 1. Sie haben für Ihr Engagement bei JEF 2014 den “Preis Frauen Europas” bekommen. Sie sind die vierte weibliche Präsidentin des EBD und fordern mehr Frauen- und Geschlechterpolitik. Welche konkreten Maßnahmen schlagen Sie vor? Zunächst freue ich mich sehr... Read more
Published by Caroline Müller... on Tuesday, 10 July 2018
On July 5th, the EBD (European Movement Germany) organized together with the Federal Foreign Office a Stakeholder-Forum in Berlin. Citizens of Europe took actively part together with representatives from 244 other member organisations to hold a dialogue about European Politics. Michael Roth, MdB, secretary of state for Europe, greeted the participants. He appreciates the work of the EBD and explained on behalf of the German federal government why those kinds of civic dialogues are important to... Read more
Published by Caroline Müller... on Tuesday, 10 July 2018
On the 2nd of July, the annual assembly of the European Movement Germany – the biggest platform for European politics in Germany took place at the Austrian Embassy in Berlin. As a member organisation and part of the network Citizens of Europe actively took part. During the annual general meeting, Dr. Linn Selle was elected as President and Head of the Board and is the fourth female president in the history of the organization. The newly elected board with 26 members represents the diverse... Read more