My Europe 2012

For the first time since the creation of this festival in 2006, Berlin hosted the opening ceremony of the event. The location will be Postdamer Platz, one of the most striking international places in the international movie scene. And the cinema “Arsenal”, energetic spot of the cultural life in Berlin, turned into the epicenter of the festival. Among the 16 stories presented in My Europe 2012, seven films of the program “Politics and policies” were chosen to be screened in the opening next sunday. This selection talk about borders, conflicts, diplomacy and compromises, and includes:

- Christiano´ s Shirt, by Vincent Bruno
, Belgium, 17 min.

- Cry Alliance of our Hatred, Lasse Långström, Sweden, 6 min.

-Invisible, Harold Chapman, United Kingdom, 15 min. Nazi Goreng, Nathan Nill, Germany, 7 min.

- Seven Years of Winter, Marcus Schwenzel, Denmark, 22 min.

- Two Men and a Table, Ester Amrami, Germany, 7 min.

- Early Rising France, Hugo Chesnard, France, 22 min.

The premier also gave to the audience the possibility to assist to an interview to Markus Schwenzel, the director of “Seven Years of Winter”, and a discussion with opening questions. Furthermore, the premier was held within the Film Festival for Human rights and Media “One World Festival”, so it was be followed by a wide range of other interesting events.

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Bad Endorf - 30/11/2012 : My Europe Bad Endorf
Brașov - 25/03/2013 : My Europe 2012 in Brașov
Valletta - 11/04/2013 : My Europe 2012 in Malta
Postdam - 18/04/2013 : My Europe 2012 in Postdam
Belgrade - 24/06/2013 : My Europe Belgrade


Christiano´ s Shirt by  Vincent Bruno
Invisible by Harold  Chapman