Art "N" Act

Music and performance for better self awareness
Sumy : 02/10/2012 to 10/10/2012

30 amateur artists in music and performing arts from disadvantaged social and economic background meet for nine days in Sumy, Ukraine to leran from each other, exchange their artistic styles and visions, and finally to perform together in a festival of culture, presenting their cultural product to the local audiance.

Participants, aged between 18-25 come from Armenia, Germany, Georgia, Poland and Ukraine. They need to qualify to an remarkable interest or demonstrable experience in music and performing arts. 

In intercultural workshops, teambuilding, artistic and outdoor activities they foster their mutual understanding and help to build teams to create an artistic idea, develop a concept and realise an own performance. 

In the end there will be not only a better self awareness but also more knowledge and respect towards European neighbours. 

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